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About Me

I received my first camera when I was eight years old.  Photography has always been my passion.

As a young adult I worked as a lab technician in multiple photo labs which helped to hone my eye for light and color. 

I put my passion on the back burner while I homeschooled my two wonderful children. 

Which brings us to present day. My favorite parts about photography are capturing that sparkle in someone's eye, the way the warm light envelops them, and the happiness when I capture their true emotion. I want to capture their true self. I want to exude expression, love and joy in my portraitures.

Someone once asked me what my style is like. Well, if I had to express it in words I would have to say, clean, crisp, high dynamic, higher contrast, bold, bright, colorful, sunny, light, airy, and glowy. I understand how important it is to find the right photographer that will match the style you are envisioning.  Some people really like muted, retro, vintage, matte styles... that is not me. I like my music retro and clothing vintage but not my photography. 

When I photograph someone, I want to show them in their best light, to look better on image than in person, that it would be said, "Amazing, I love it!".

I love seeking, composing, and capturing that perfect shot!


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